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Bachelor's-/Master's thesis: "Analysis of Introducing Microsoft Copilot" (m/f/d) 100%, 6 months

Switzerland, Schaffhausen
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At GF, we see our company as a forward-thinking leader in our field. Since 1802, we have been embracing innovations and sustainable solutions of the highest quality that add value to people’s lives around the globe.

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The introduction of Microsoft Pilot has the potential to significantly impact the organization and working culture in terms of efficiency gains. By leveraging AI technology, Copilot aims to enhance productivity, streamline processes and improve decision-making. This analysis will evaluate how Copilot aligns with the organization's goals and identifies areas where it can bring the most value, taking guiding or limiting aspects such as ethics, compliance, information security or sustainability into close consideration.

Your tasks

  • Assess organisational impact and effectiveness of MS Copilot for Office, GitHub and Dynamics
  • Analyse the intellectual property, compliance, security and impact of AI technology
  • Feasibility and identification of the benefits of integrating Copilot into the organisation's workflows
  • Create awareness for users of AI technology and develop awareness (ethics, compliance, information security and sustainability)
  • Identify potential, organisation and work culture with regard to efficiency gains
  • Create an implementation roadmap

Your profile

  • Fundamental understanding of IT
  • High coordination and analytical skills
  • English language skills (business fluent)
  • Knowledge of organizational change management and similar areas
  • Ability to work independently
  • Communicative, open and respectful personality


Clear vision and purpose Clear vision and purpose
Clear vision and purpose "We are a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value" is our vision and this is what guides us. Our purpose "becoming better every day - since 1802" is what inspires us in our daily work.
Sustainability and innovation focus Sustainability and innovation focus
Sustainability and innovation focus We have high sustainability and innovation goals. Let's work towards a sustainable future together.
Excellent learning tools Excellent learning tools
Excellent learning tools At GF we provide development opportunities for everyone. We offer global learning tools as well as trainings and specialized courses.
Great career opportunities Great career opportunities
Great career opportunities GF as a global acting company provides many opportunities regarding career growth. We also offer a dedicated talent management process (MyNextBigStep@GF) to boost your career.
Free Refreshments Free Refreshments
Free Refreshments We offer all employees free refreshments such as water, coffee or tea.
Meal allowance Meal allowance
Meal allowance Allowance on food in the canteen or subsidy to meals provided.
Free parking Free parking
Free parking We provide free parking spaces for all employees.


Awards Siegel
GF proves its commitment as an exemplary employer with the Friendly Work Space label. The well-being and health of all employees is important to us.

Your contact

Vera Weber
Assistant Corporate HR
Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9
8201 Schaffhausen
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Since November 2023, GF has comprised four divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Uponor, GF Casting Solutions and GF Machining Solutions. GF offers products and solutions for the safe transport of liquids and gases, lightweight cast components and high-precision manufacturing technologies. With a leading position in sustainability and innovation, GF strives for profitable growth and has been offering its customers high added value for over 200 years.