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At GF, we see our company as a forward-thinking leader in our field. Since 1802, we have been embracing innovations and sustainable solutions of the highest quality that add value to people’s lives around the globe.

Your tasks

The main objectives for a BD Manager in Water Treatment are to:-

Achieve sales and specification targets in Thailand: The BD Manager must focus on meeting or exceeding sales and specification goals set for the water treatment business in Thailand. This involves actively pursuing sales opportunities, identifying potential customers, and securing contracts for the company's products and services.

Conduct market analysis and competitive intelligence: The BD Manager should continually analyze the water treatment market in Thailand, including market trends, customer needs, and competitor activities. This information will help inform business strategies and enable the manager to make data-driven decisions.

Develop and implement business strategies: Based on market analysis, the BD Manager should develop effective strategies to achieve the business goals. These strategies may include pricing, product positioning, market segmentation, and marketing campaigns. The manager should then lead the implementation of these strategies across Thailand.

Lead business development and growth initiatives: The BD Manager is responsible for driving business development and growth initiatives for water treatment applications. This includes leveraging the company's product portfolio and identifying new business opportunities, partnerships, and distribution channels. The manager should actively seek out opportunities to expand the company's presence and increase market share.

Establish a strong network and engage with stakeholders: Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, distributors, and business partners, is crucial for success. The BD Manager should develop a strong network of contacts within the water treatment industry in Thailand and actively engage with them to identify major projects, promote the company's solutions, and establish partnerships.

Identify and vet business partners/distributors: The BD Manager should identify potential business partners and distributors in Thailand and assess their suitability for collaboration. This involves evaluating their capabilities, reputation, and alignment with the company's goals. Once suitable partners are identified, the manager should establish and maintain productive relationships with them.

Support existing and new distributors: The BD Manager should provide support and guidance to existing or new distributors in Thailand. This includes assisting them in identifying major projects and business opportunities, promoting and specifying the company's products, and ensuring they have the necessary resources to achieve sales targets. The manager should act as a liaison between the company and its distributors, fostering strong partnerships.

Support sales activities in target markets: The BD Manager should focus on supporting sales activities in the municipal (water treatment and wastewater treatment) applications and industrial end-markets (chemical industry, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, battery production, etc.). This involves promoting the company's solutions and services, positioning the company as a preferred water treatment supplier, and actively seeking opportunities to expand market presence in these sectors.

By accomplishing these objectives, the BD Manager in Water Treatment will contribute to the growth and success of the company in Thailand's water treatment market.

Your profile

  • Experience: A minimum of 3 years of sales, business development, and/or technical experience in achieving sales targets in the water treatment related market. This experience should include a track record of meeting or exceeding sales goals.
  • Water Treatment Knowledge: Excellent knowledge of water treatment applications in municipal and/or industrial markets. The BD Manager should have a solid understanding of various water treatment processes, technologies, and industry trends.
  • Network: A good network with key players operating in or providing water treatment solutions in municipal and/or industrial end-markets. This network should include industry contacts, potential customers, and relevant stakeholders.
  • OEM/Skid Manufacturer Experience: Prior experience with water treatment related original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or skid manufacturers is beneficial. Familiarity with process automation, pumps, reverse osmosis (RO) skids, ultrafiltration (UF), or related equipment will be considered an added advantage.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills are essential, both internally and externally. The BD Manager should be able to effectively convey ideas, negotiate deals, and build relationships. Proficiency in English is necessary.
  • Business Development and Hunter Mentality: The BD Manager should possess a proactive and entrepreneurial mindset, constantly seeking out new business opportunities, and driving growth. They should be able to identify and pursue potential customers, projects, and partnerships.
  • Organization, Time Management, and Accountability: Effective organization and time management skills are crucial to prioritize tasks, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines. The BD Manager should take ownership of their responsibilities and be accountable for their actions and results.
  • Solution Mindset, Adaptability, and Problem-Solving Mentality: The BD Manager should approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, being adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs. They should possess strong problem-solving skills to identify opportunities, address customer pain points, and propose effective solutions.
  • Achievement Motivation: The BD Manager should have a strong drive to achieve sales targets and exceed expectations. They should be self-motivated, results-driven, and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish business goals.
  • Influence and Persuasion: The BD Manager should be skilled at influencing and persuading others, including customers, stakeholders, and team members. They should be able to effectively communicate the value proposition of the company's products and services and convince others to take desired actions.
  • These requirements, skills, and competencies are essential for the incumbent to successfully drive sales, develop partnerships, and achieve business growth in the industry.


Clear vision and purpose Clear vision and purpose
Clear vision and purpose "We are a sustainability and innovation leader providing superior customer value" is our vision and this is what guides us. Our purpose "becoming better every day - since 1802" is what inspires us in our daily work.
Sustainability and innovation focus Sustainability and innovation focus
Sustainability and innovation focus We have high sustainability and innovation goals. Let's work towards a sustainable future together.
Excellent learning tools Excellent learning tools
Excellent learning tools At GF we provide development opportunities for everyone. We offer global learning tools as well as trainings and specialized courses.
Great career opportunities Great career opportunities
Great career opportunities GF as a global acting company provides many opportunities regarding career growth. We also offer a dedicated talent management process (MyNextBigStep@GF) to boost your career.
Gratification Gratification
Gratification GF offers holiday as well as christmas gratification.
Recognition Recognition
Recognition GF offers a birthday recognition.
Rewards Rewards
Rewards long-term service rewards

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Joan Chua
Senior HR & Admin Executive
11 Tampines Street 92
528872 Singapore
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