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在 GF,我们视公司为行业内具前瞻性的领导者。自 1802 年以来,我们一直致力于创新和高品质的可持续解决方案,以提升全球各地人们的生活品质。


  • 主要工作职责:
  • 1.Work with sales, distributors, customers to understand their needs about building water supply system, make the right design solutions for the water supply system including Hycleen AS.
  • 2.Offer the design training of the building water supply system including Hycleen AS to distributors (30%)
  • 3.Support Hycleen AS Innovation Center building.
  • 4.Exchange design related information with headquarter.
  • 5.Support company events related to the design of building water system
  • 6.Acomplish the other tasks assigned by line manager.


  • 任职资格:
  • 学历:Bachelor in Building Water Supply and Drainage, prefer to graduating from universities ranked as membership of *** or ***;
  • 年龄范围:26~36;
  • 经验:Min. 5 years' experience in building water supply and drainage design, especially design for hospitals, hotels, high-end residential buildings.
  • 培训和资格证书:CAD, Plumbing Engineer;
  • 专业知识:
  • 1.Familiar with design standards and specifications.
  • 2.Knowledge of water supply and drainage related products, such as pipes, fittings, valves, pumps, boilers, etc.
  • 专业技能:Be able to skillfully use CAD and other water supply and drainage design software
  • 语言能力:Fluent in English, both oral and writing.
  • 计算机:Microsoft software, PPT, word, excel
  • 特殊要求:
  • 1.Ability to work as a team player.
  • 2.Proactive with the ability to adapt to change.
  • 3.Willing to travel.
  • 沟通能力:Confident, self-motivating and be able to establish and maintain good relationships with all contacts.


明确的愿景和目标 明确的愿景和目标
明确的愿景和目标 “我们是可持续发展和创新的领导者,提供卓越的客户价值”,这是我们的愿景,也是我们的指导方针。我们的目标是“日臻完善 — 始于 1802”,这激励着我们每天热情工作。
可持续发展和创新重点 可持续发展和创新重点
可持续发展和创新重点 我们有高度可持续发展和创新目标。让我们一起为可持续发展的未来而努力。
卓越的学习工具 卓越的学习工具
卓越的学习工具 在 GF,我们为每个人提供良好的发展机会。我们提供全球性学习工具、培训和专业课程。
职业良机 职业良机
职业良机 作为一家全球性业务发展公司,GF 在职业发展方面提供了许多良机。我们还提供专门的人才管理流程 (MyNextBigStep@GF) 助力您的职业发展。


Min Zhou
Human Resources Specialist
No. 218 Kang Qiao Dong Road, Pudong
201319 Shanghai
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GF 管路系统是全球领先的管道系统供应商。我们确保安全和可持续的流体运输。我们的业务受行业领先的可持续发展水平、数字化解决方案创新以及基于业绩、学习和关怀文化的投入所驱动。